3D Print Project Update

16 March, 2020 0 By GMortensen
  1. 3D Print Project Update
  2. A Matter of Proportions: (thoughts on the 3D printed switcher)

You may remember that a some time ago, I purchased a 3D printer, and I was experimenting with printing an OO9 loco shell. I followed that up by scaling it to O scale to see what an On30 version might look like. What you see here is the result of my resizing it to use a Bachmann trolley mechanism, and enclosing the cab. It’s not perfect, but I’m nearly satisfied.

I’ve been fighting with various 3D CAD programs like Fusion 360 and DesignSpark, but ultimately made the changes using a web-based AutoDesk product called TinkerCAD. It’s horribly basic and clunky, and it’s not terribly accurate — or maybe I’m just not “getting” it just yet.

While this version is “good enough” to finish, I’ll make some more refinements before I print the next shell (I have another trolley mechanism on the shelf). You can’t see from the pictures, but the top of the door doesn’t quite reach the roof (it’s about a tenth of a millimeter short), and the blocks that mount the frame to the shell also aren’t quite right. I’m also not entirely happy with the pilots. All minor tweaks, unless you’re me trying to use 3D CAD software.

Anyway, the project is being a lot of fun. Next up is a little more clean-up and a couple coats of paint. Of course, it’ll also get a DelTang receiver and batteries.