About The Site

First time here? Read about how this site came to be, and how it’s different from my previous model railroading web sites.

After running The On30 Guy web site and online shop for nearly seven years — and being known as The On30 Guy since sometime in the ’90s, I felt that it was time for a change. Being “that guy” for so long started to wear on me, and to erode my interest and enjoyment of the hobby. I decided that it was time to stop paying for a web site I didn’t update, and move my modeling blog back to where it came from, a sub-domain of gerenm.net, where updates can come as they may, and I don’t feel so pressured to “perform.”

And so, here is trains.gerenm.net. Please update your links! It includes some selected content from The On30 Guy, but will evolve and reflect my interests not only in modeling the Maine two-footers in On30, but also my fascination with European narrow gauge railroading (in the form of OO9/HOe models) and my enjoyment of N-scale standard gauge models. I may even, from time to time, mess about with my HO standard gauge trains.

What this site will not be is a business site. No dead rail or DCC sales. No box car kits. No 3D printed products. No electrical pickups for Bachmann Shays (yes, people still ask). Really. None of that. Just, as it says on the tin, “Geren’s Adventures in Model Trains.”