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Hey folks, if you haven’t already, and if you want to be able to easily access this site/content, please update your links to or I’ll be releasing the address permanently, effective February 26, 2023.

By GMortensen 3 March, 2022 0

Trains on Hold

Well, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a lot of things in my life (music/bands, photography, camping, hanging out with friends, etc.) that are just more important to me than model trains. So the layout, 3D printing projects, and posting to this web…

By GMortensen 31 July, 2021 0

Useful Conversions

It’s not always easy to do quick conversions between metric and imperial measurements, beyond knowing that 1″ = 25.4mm, especially when dealing with fractional numbers. Fortunately, there’s a great website out there that makes it easy: The converters I find most helpful for modeling are: Inches to Millimeters Millimeters to Inches

By GMortensen 30 December, 2020 0

Geren’s New Train Page

This new site aims to reflect my hobby activities, mostly moving into the year 2021 and beyond. It’s going to be somewhat different from what the old site turned into, in that it’s not going to be about selling things, nor about being a hobby “expert.”

By GMortensen 26 November, 2020 Off