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Posts and articles about work in progress, including 3D printing projects, new rolling stock and structure builds, and other projects related to the model railroads.

Useful Conversions

It’s not always easy to do quick conversions between metric and imperial measurements, beyond knowing that 1″ = 25.4mm, especially when dealing with fractional numbers. Fortunately, there’s a great website out there that makes it easy: The converters I find most helpful for modeling are: Inches to Millimeters Millimeters to Inches

3D Print Project Update

You may remember that a some time ago, I purchased a 3D printer, and I was experimenting with printing an OO9 loco shell. I followed that up by scaling it to O scale to see what an On30 version might look like. What you see here is the result of my resizing it to use a Bachmann trolley mechanism, and enclosing the cab.

Driftwood Stain

Many people are trying to replicate Floquil’s Driftwood stain color. Here’s a recipe that is nearly a dead ringer for the original. Start with 1 qt of Sherwin Williams “Pickled White” Interior Wood Oil Stain Wood Classic.” Have the following tint added: W1-20 B1-16 Y3-11 Y1-2 The only requirement is that the Sherwin Williams outlet …

Enlarging and Reducing Plans

What I’m about to mention here, many modelers already know. However, I figure it’s a useful thing to have in one, handy place, like my web site. We all know that HO is the most popular modeling scale out there. So, many published plans and drawings are in HO (1:87) scale. Here are some simple …