Driftwood Stain

10 January, 2006 0 By GMortensen

Many people are trying to replicate Floquil’s Driftwood stain color. Here’s a recipe that is nearly a dead ringer for the original.

Start with 1 qt of Sherwin Williams “Pickled White” Interior Wood Oil Stain Wood Classic.” Have the following tint added:





The only requirement is that the Sherwin Williams outlet you get this from must have the computerized mixing setup.

[This information originally appeared on the On30Conspiracy on August 7, 2000.]

In use, the stain needs to be thinned with approximately 1 1/2 quarts of Diosol.

I’m also told that the mixture works equally well using the newer water-based variant of the Pickled White stain. Again, it will need to be thinned prior to use, using water and a little rubbing alcohol.