Geren’s New Train Page

26 November, 2020 Off By GMortensen

Welcome to my new trains site, which replaces The On30 Guy.

This new site aims to reflect my hobby activities, mostly moving into the year 2021 and beyond. It’s going to be somewhat different from what the old site turned into, in that it’s not going to be about selling things, nor about being a hobby “expert.” Rather, the new site is really intended to be a blog about me playing with trains, though I will show how I take on certain projects. I haven’t dispensed entirely with content from The On30 Guy — some of what I think were the more important posts from the past have been migrated to this site.

Projects with many steps over multiple days will often be broken down into multiple posts, which I’ll organize into series, and they’ll have their own place on the sidebar. One such series that I decided to bring forward from the old site is the nine-part description of how I built the area surrounding the “North Corinna Bridge” (which, unfortunately, is being partially redesigned as the layout progresses). The links in the Post Series menu will take you to the first post in the series, and a drop-down at the top of the post will allow you to navigate through the series.

The new site will probably be a bit more diverse than The On30 Guy was, as my areas of interest have expanded beyond just On30, and beyond the Maine two-footers, and beyond dead rail.

Those of you who were “subscribed” to the old site will have to re-subscribe to this one if you want to be informed of updates, as I haven’t found a way import the subscriptions from the old site. You can do that using the form in the sidebar.