Land Gains Form

4 July, 2011 0 By GMortensen
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Not a lot was accomplished on the railroad today, with the exception of some spirited discussion about turntable construction and how “water” will get out of the spillway, the only other thing to get done was the first layer of “landform” was applied.

First layer of scenic forms in north Corinna

The first layer of landforms have been applied over the cardboard forms. Made from heavy duty workshop paper towels soaked in diluted matte medium, they obviously show almost every former beneath them. Not to worry — this shell only exists to support a thicker layer of something-or-another. In my case, that something-or-another will be Cell-U-Clay. Cell-U-Clay is cheap and lightweight, and easy to work with. It will be used to smooth out the “ribs” and be the actual base of the scenic coloring and texture — kind of like topsoil over fill dirt.