Sneak Peek…

  1. North Corinna Bridge
  2. Work Progresses on North Corinna Trestle
  3. Stonework & Scenic Forms
  4. Land Gains Form
  5. North Corinna Takes Shape
  6. Today’s Work in Corinna
  7. The On30 Guy™ at Wednesday Train Nights on 08/03/11
  8. Sneak Peek…
  9. Catching up on the past few days…

This same shot will look much better tomorrow night or Saturday morning, but I couldn’t resist…

Corinna & Searsport No. 9, with a short freight in tow, edges across the trestle approaching Corinna from the north…

I did a little work on the creek tonight and did a second pour of the water. I probably should have taken this before I poured the water, but … anyway, I’ll take a new shot of this on Saturday morning.

Oh, yeah, I guess I ought to mention that the water product worked correctly this time — it was nice and clear when I went downstairs this evening!

I’m just about ready to move on to the turntable, engine house a coal shed.

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