Springfield Spurt

8 February, 2020 0 By GMortensen

I got back from the Amherst show reinvigorated, and with an armload of goodies for the layouts. I did have a shopping list (a couple of Kato 11-109 N-gauge power chassis and some Peco HOn30 track), and managed to find nothing on it. But, I did find a lot of useful stuff — a bunch of scenic supplies for the On30, and a few small items for the N scale.

Most of the work after the show has been concentrated on this little town. After a lot of discussion, we’ve decided to open up the wall at the bottom of the stairs to allow more convenient access to the train room, eliminating the need to walk through the basement to enter. When I built the wall, I did plan to open the wall up again, so that job should only be a minor annoyance. The existing door to the basement will be retained, but the benchwork will be extended across it and wrap around to a new, single-sided peninsula.

The open space behind the peninsula background (about thirty inches by twenty feet) will be open for N-scale T-Trak modules and a little OO9 layout.

All these changes meant re-aligning the main at the end of town to make it long enough to be used as a run-around and removing a section of benchwork. This, in turn, required moving the buildings that make up the furniture company. At the same time, I wanted to move the second track into that industry, and also add another spur at the other end of town.

The little station is a place-holder for now, and the freight house on the new spur will most likely be a team track with a low dock made from a scrapped flat car, and office/shed.

Another new acquisition is one of the new Bachmann WWI Baldwin trench locos, and an cab kit to make more “American”. It will typically be used for yard duties once it’s been converted to battery power and weathered.

At this point, about half of the railroad is in. There’s one more siding to add “north” of the original Corinna modules, and then switch control and scenery can begin. At the same time, construction will continue southward to Searsport.