T-Trak Layout Update

11 February, 2019 0 By GMortensen

I finished up building the T-Trak module frames yesterday, and started finalizing the track layout. I decided that I wanted to not have any of the switching tracks spill over into the end-cap, which would necessitate having an extra module when the layout is included in group setups. The result is a shorter run-around, and a little trickier switchback operation. I’m thinking, at the moment, that I may permanently join the single and double modules on each side of the layout into triples, if for no other reason than to make a couple of cross-module joints a little more stable.

Revised T-Trak switching module(s)

The tail of the switch back is long enough for a locomotive and a couple of cars, depending on the lengths. Right now, my one locomotive is a VO-1000, and all the cars are 40-foot cars. None of the track is currently “spiked” in place. One of the beauties of using the Kato track is that it holds together well enough to test fit and test run your track plan before committing too much.

I had a fun time switching the module, but I gotta tell you: those Micro-Trains couplers are tricky to “pick” with a skewer!