T-Trak Update 2-21-19

No much of an update, really, except that to show that the little T-Trak layout is coming along, albeit slowly. I’ve had to shift gears for a few days to take care of some commitments with my band, but I should be able to get back to work in earnest on Sunday.

What I have been doing is laying in a supply of structure kits, mostly for the “non-industrial” sections of the layout so far. The idea is to create a “residential” area on the far side of the layout, with transitional areas on each end. The space between the front and rear modules allows for a parial view block to be installed to visually separate the scenes.

There are also now plans for a larger N-scale presence in the train room. The peninsula of the On30 layout has never been satisfactory to me, much as Kevin and I have tried to make it work. So, it’s going away. The idea now is that the On30 will run around the walls of the room, and a provision will be made for continuous running (maybe), while the N-scale will occupy a good-sized island — about 4′ x 13′ — in the middle of the room.

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