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Adapter Cable for Charging 1S or 2S LiPo Packs

As mentioned elsewhere, 2S (two-cell) LiPo packs must be balance charged. The adapter allows either a 1S or a 2S battery pack wired with only a JST-XH connector (3-pin) to be charged using the iMAX B6 or B6AC charger. The charger comes with several adapters to connect the discharge connector on many packs. One of…

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Making Your Own 2-Cell LiPo Pack

Making your own LiPo packs is not difficult — it only requires a little care. To make a 2-Cell (2S) pack, you’ll need 2 identical LiPo cells and a female 3-pin JST-XH connector. You can buy the connectors pre-wired, or save a little money and buy raw connectors and a crimp tool and do it…

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