Today’s Work in Corinna

11 July, 2011 0 By GMortensen
  1. North Corinna Bridge
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  6. Today’s Work in Corinna
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As promised, more progress on the railroad today. The Cell-u-Clay was almost completely dried, and so I slathered on a quite gloppy coat of Behr Premium “Fedora” flat latex paint, and proceeded to layer on the texture.

Applying the latex paint base coat. For the most part, I use a 1″ chip brush for this work, and paint up onto the cork roadbed, just short of hitting the ties.

While the paint was still wet, I started applying texture.

Here, the first layer of texture, Scenic Express “Earth Blend” has been sprinkled unevenly over the still-wet paint.
The earth color is being followed with an application of “Green Adirondack Blend” and “Alpine Blend”.
The same treatment was applied around the stone retaining walls near the creek bed.
And here’s the view after a layer of the “base” textures have been applied.
Overall view of North Corinna, the trestle, and the creek area. The area has been completely saturated with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water, followed by diluted matte medium.

A couple of observations are in order. I opened up a new “jar” of the Adirondack Blend today, and found that it is significantly “greener” than the previous one, which caused there to be a bit of a mismatch between the sections. Fortunately, the Alpine Blend is still the same, and I was able to use it to do some blending. Since I need to go back to repair a little bit of the scenery on the other two sections, I’ll be able to spread the brighter color around a little.

And, obviously, I’ve still not done anything with the creek bed yet. When I was working in the railroad room this morning, I was still trying to find out exactly what that’s supposed to look like. Fortunately, I was just able to find some snapshots a hiker took in the region while hiking the Appalachian Trail a couple of years back that will be excellent guides. With a few exceptions, the scenery is actually very much like the scenery here.