Work Progresses on North Corinna Trestle

27 June, 2011 0 By GMortensen
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A little more work was done on the trestle at the north end of Corinna this evening. The bents that were completed last night were stained and set in place (they’re not secured just yet). I may have to go back and re-glue some of the joints, and also fine-tune some piling lengths. And, the detail castings need to be installed. After my experience with the NBW castings on that Mount Blue Forney cab kit, I’m not exactly looking forward to that! Anyway, enjoy a few snapshots from this evening.

Yet another test-fit for the trestle bents.
Stained, and another “dry fit.” Turns out that alcohol stains will soften Titebond glue, even when it’s dried over night! I may have to go back and re-glue a few joints. And no, it’s not your imagination. The stone walls are much darker in this picture — they’ve received their first coat of coloring.
Even though the bridge is nowhere near completed, I couldn’t resist running #4 out for a quick beauty shot…